Although Texas does not currently permit same sex couples to marry, and the issue of whether same sex couples legally married in other states may obtain a divorce in Texas is currently be litigated, it is possible to enter into contractual agreements regarding many issues that same sex couples face when they are beginning or ending a relationship

Protecting and Defining Financial Interests and Property Rights

When entering into a relationship, it is important to define financial and property issues such as:  how bills will be paid, how property will be owned (and divided upon separation), financial support for a partner.  We can draft cohabitation agreements that address the issues that are important to you, and also assist with estate planning to help you achieve your goals.

Same Sex Parenting

Whether a partner has children from a prior relationship, or the couple has adopted a child or conceived through artificial insemination, it is important to ensure parental authority for non-biological parents and to protect the child’s continuing relationship with parents. We can assist with parenting agreements to protect you and your child.

Ending a Relationship

Many same sex couples assume they have no process to assist them with ending a relationship.  However, there are two viable process options available:  mediation and collaborative law.  Both processes have the advantage of being confidential, and give the couple a forum for reaching contractual agreements regarding the division of property, child support; partner support, child custody, and other issues that are specific to the needs of each particular family.

We are comfortable working with same sex couples and value the opportunity to assist you.

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