At JLJ Family Law, we find there are many reasons people bring paternity actions, including:

  • Mothers, who wish to use paternity suits to identify the father for purposes of establishing child support obligations.
  • Fathers, who wish to use paternity suits to gain child custody and visitation rights.
  • Other people, who wish to use paternity suits to prove they are not the father, and therefore under no legal obligation to pay child support.

We represent clients throughout North Texas in the prosecution of paternity suits and in the defense of paternity actions. While the process of establishing paternity through DNA testing is fairly straightforward, our services are more appreciated by our clients when it comes to negotiating and drafting child custody, visitation, and support agreements.

We also find that many clients prefer discretion and privacy, if possible. Perhaps one of the parties is married or otherwise engaged in a serious relationship they do not wish to jeopardize. At JLJ Family Law, we are sensitive to our clients’ need and desire for confidentiality and privacy. We offer collaborative law as an option for clients seeking the greatest amount of privacy. In addition, we are experienced in fashioning creative financial settlements that are designed to maintain each of our client’s individual privacy.

If you have questions regarding possible paternity actions, or if you have been served with a paternity suit, contact JLJ Family Law. We would be happy to schedule a confidential consultation to discuss your particular legal situation and our ability to assist.

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