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At JLJ Family Law, we know that the emotion and stress that accompanies a divorce. We also understand this stress is compounded by the fact that your decisions can have significant impact on children and extended family members. We know you want an experienced Texas divorce lawyer who can identify and explain your options, discuss the potential benefits and detriments of each course of action, and provide a recommendation that will allow you to make an informed decision. You want a law firm that can offer you the security of knowing your lawyer is capable of providing you with the highest quality legal representation, utilizing the latest technology, and skilled in negotiations and trial practice. In short, you want a family law attorney who will zealously represent your interests, whether in settlement negotiations, an alternative dispute resolution method, or trial.

At JLJ Family Law, you will find Jody Johnson, an attorney who has been Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Specialization since 1988. However, I am more than a Texas divorce lawyer who knows the law and the process. I also take the time to understand our clients, and their needs. In fact, my relationship with clients often continues long after our representation has ended.

Ms. Johnson also has experience in various divorce resolution processes, including divorce settlement negotiations, divorce litigation, and divorce mediation. Ms. Johnson is trained as a family law mediator as well as a collaborative law divorce attorney. For more information on divorce resolution, or regarding the particular circumstances of your case, contact Jody Johnson. Our service is our legacy.

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