Any time a divorce proceeding involves children, it complicates matters. The relationship you develop with your former partner can greatly impact the development and mental health of your children.

At JLJ Family Law, the needs of the children are of primary importance. Our goal is to create a win-win situation for parents so they can sustain a lifestyle where their children thrive. We put our creative talents, experience and insight to use negotiating and developing child custody agreements and parenting schedules that work for families.

At JLJ Family Law, we have extensive experience handling complex divorce cases for couples with children, as well as helping parents with:

  • Post-judgment modifications of child support orders
  • Child custody and visitation agreements
  • Enforcing step-parent rights and grandparent rights to visitation

Ideally, it is preferable to handle these matters as privately as possible. For that reason, the collaborative law process may be a preferred method to develop and initial custody and visitation agreement or to negotiate a change in parenting plan.

We realize, however, that people cannot always reach an amicable resolution to child custody and visitation issues. In such cases, we stand ready to aggressively and zealously pursue their position in court.
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North Texas Hague Convention Case Attorneys

At JLJ Family Law, we have experience handling international custody disputes involving the Hague Convention. Whether you are seeking to have a child returned to Texas who has been wrongfully removed in a foreign county, or you are seeking the return of a child in Texas to their home abroad, you will want to work with an attorney who has experience handling Hague Convention international child custody disputes.

We have assisted clients throughout North Texas, as well as Europe (France, Britain-U.K., Sweden), Mexico, South Africa, and Central and South America. For more information regarding the Hague Convention and how it can facilitate the return of a child unlawfully removed from your care, contact JLJ Family Law.

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