The Collaborative process includes the full disclosure of all information that the clients deem necessary in order to analyze options and problem-solve. The attorneys assist the clients to determine what information is needed, including whether outside experts need to be involved. Collaborative attorneys commit not to play “hide the ball” with information.

The following language is a part of every Collaborative Participation Agreement: We agree to make such full and candid exchange of information as is necessary to make a proper evaluation of the case, including, but not limited to, full disclosure of the nature, extent, value of – and all developments affecting – the parties’ income, assets and liabilities. Any material change in information previously provided must be promptly updated. The parties authorize their respective lawyers to fully disclose all information, which in the lawyer’s judgment must be provided to other participants in order to fulfill this commitment.

Additionally, the Protocols of Practice require the Collaborative Divorceyer to terminate the process on behalf of a client if the lawyer discovers that the client has violated or proposes to violate the collaborative law participation agreement in a manner that compromises the integrity of the process.

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